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If you´re a member of Virtual Racing e.V. you will most likely know what
my server password is and you´re invited to join. To ask for the password, visit the Virtual Racing e.V. Forum or visit the chatroom VR in WinVroc chat or any irc client.
You do not need to be a member to join the server.

join by IP

In case WinVroc´s racelist is unavailable you need to join directly by IP address.
Run GPL, go to Multiplayer -> Join and put as the IP address to connect to.
In rare occasions might not work.
Then please try or

bandwidth patch

You must have Bart Westra´s »bandwidth patch installed to connect to my server:

1. make a backup copy of GPL.EXE and CORE.INI
2. unzip in your GPL directory
3. run bwpatch.exe and follow the instructions (press "1", then "x" to exit)

You can now join my server (and other bandwidth patched servers) using WinVroc.
To join directly by IP you first need to adapt your core.ini file.
Update / create the following lines in your core ini right under [Communications]:

alternate_ip_addr_lookup = 1
net_mdm_client_send_every = 3
net_mdm_client_send_size = 84
net_mdm_server_send_every = 3
net_mdm_server_send_size = 384
net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip = 1

You don´t need to undo the changes afterwards because the core.ini net_mdm values do not apply when hosting/joining unpatched servers with WinVroc. Instead, WinVroc overrides the core.ini values using 3/84 3/84 as Typical and 3/84 3/132 as Fast (Fast requires bwpatch). If you intend to host a race directly by IP, you need to set the Typical values in core.ini unless you´re using a bwpatched server. For more information on how to host bwpatched races see bwpatch readme files in the zip file.